maanantai 29. helmikuuta 2016

Vain yksi kuva / Only 1

Encore :) , as simply as it is and surely it has to be Monday :) Still it is kind of fun to celebrate one more day in every 4th year
What am I gonna do... it is one nice day outside, sun is shining and we have snow...bright & white wiews ... I think I am spending "Day Out" - hours and gonna go to knitting studio bit later this eve, having project called "color the Mouse" going on :)

So now I will just show You one picture, one which I like a lot cause of  shades of brown and that "shadow bird" in back of the pic :

My Monday Bird :)

Have a Fun 29th day of February
Happens only in every 4th year
And tomorrow... big eeek , it is March !

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  1. En kyllä ymmärtänyt tuosta enkusta mitään, tunnustan. Kauniita lintuja kuitenkin. Olen eka kertaa sun blogissa ja liityin lukijaksikin. Ois niin kiva jos haluaisit tulla vasta vierailulle Aurinkokujallekkin.